User Activity History

User activity history includes all actions performed by a user that involve tokens or other rewards. Tokens can be earned and spent through various activities within the application. For a detailed list of all possible rewards, you can refer to the Scrimmage documentation.

Understanding and utilizing this history is crucial for monitoring and analyzing user behavior and engagement within an application. This guide will help you navigate and make the most of user activity history.

How to access user activity history

To access a user's activity history, check the Get user inventory history endpoint. Here's an example of the response structure:

  "activities": [
      // Details of each activity
      // Another activity object
  "totalCount": 100

Inventory activity structure

Event Related fields

eventId, eventType and event fields are directly associated with the original event that initiates inventory-related actions within the system. They can originate from system-generated events or custom events sent externally. Read more about events.

  • eventId: Unique identifier associated with the specific instance of the event that triggered the inventory activity.
  • eventType: Type of the event that triggered the inventory activity: rewardable.event,, scheduled.event, or property.event
  • event: Describes the specific event or action that occurred, causing the inventory activity. For example, this could include system-generated events such as QUEST_ACCEPTED, DAILY_CLAIMED or custom events defined within the system.

Activity Fields

The activity field consists of information about a reward that the user received. Read more about rewards

  • type: Type of the reward being recorded. Possible values: TOKEN, RANDOM_PERK, SPECIFIC_PERK, PERK_SLOTS, USER_STAT, GOLD_TROPHY, FEATURED_TROPHY, NONE, EXTERNAL.
  • templateFields: Optional. It is expected to always be empty.
  • config: Contains configuration details specific to the reward.

Additional Fields

  • id: Unique identifier for the inventory activity record.
  • createdAt: Timestamp indicating when the activity record was created.

Here's an example of the structure used to represent inventory activities within the system:

  "id": "1837b8c9-18c6-486d-aa60-62692d893b28",
  "createdAt": "2024-06-21T12:50:51.833Z",
  "eventType": "rewardable.event",
  "event": "betExecuted",
  "activity": {
    "type": "TOKEN",
    "templateFields": {},
    "config": {
      "amount": "0.06"
  "eventId": "2aa89807-db7d-4eaa-ab19-a4a102c0fe11"

To retrieve information about a specific activity by its ID, you can use the appropriate endpoint. This endpoint provides expanded details about the activity.