Scrimmage Release v1.3.0

Discover the latest updates in our newest release! Enjoy enhanced admin capabilities with visible reward rules, turbocharged performance, a revamped main page, and new Arabic language support. Learn more about these exciting changes and improvements here.

Scrimmage Release v1.2.0 πŸŽ‰

Discover our latest updates featuring a user-friendly JSON viewer, enhanced webhook throughput, and improved piece search performance. Explore significant upgrades to your favorite pieces, along with exciting new additions like Poper and Zerobounce. Plus, personalize your quests with custom icons and titles, enjoy extended level descriptions, and experience our new, sleek JSON editor. Dive in to see all the enhancements!

Scrimmage Release v1.1.0 πŸŽ‰

Discover the latest updates in our Scrimmage Rewards Program! Unveil hidden achievements, streamline your workflow with our new Image Library, and explore significant enhancements in user properties and reward structures. Click to see what's new and how these changes can elevate your experience!

Scrimmage Release v1.0.0 πŸŽ‰

Explore our latest Scrimmage updates that make managing rewards and progressions a breeze! Discover the redesigned Dashboard for clarity, enjoy 50+ UI/UX enhancements, and leverage faster re-indexing for levels. Dive into new event types, enhanced quest functionalities, and the flexibility of multi-currency token pricing. Click to learn more about how these changes can enhance your administrative experience!