Scrimmage Release v1.4.0

Discover our latest updates! Enjoy a scalable architecture, new reward distribution features, webhook availability for all events, a new white theme option, and comprehensive rewards history tracking. Read more about these exciting changes and improvements here: Read the full release notes

✨ What's New:

Scalable Architecture

We have reviewed and improved our architecture to make it scalable. With the implementation of the Postgres Adopter for scaling NBC and making ScrimState database scalable, we are now ready to support 10 times more online users. All operations are now 20 times faster.

Rewards for Everyone

Admins can now give rewards to any user directly from the users table. Simply open "All Users," find the user, configure the reward, and reward them with a single click. The user will receive the reward in their account immediately.

Webhook General Availability (GA)

Webhooks are now available for all events. Admins can configure webhooks from the dashboard to receive notifications about any event, including user registration, level up, and reward redemption. Webhooks support filters, so you can receive notifications only for specific events.

New Theme Options

We have added a new theme to the platform. You can now choose between the classic dark theme and the new white theme, perfect for users who prefer a clean and minimalistic design. Additionally, perk level icons are now configurable on the Admin Dashboard, and custom colors for perks can be requested to match your preferences.

Rewards History

A new endpoint is available to view user rewards history. This endpoint returns a list of all rewards a user has received, including the reward type, date, and amount. Combined with webhooks, you can build a seamless rewards notification system. See Rewards History for more details.

🚨 Breaking Changes

  • Perks are no longer loaded with users. To get perks for a user, use the Get User Perks endpoint.
  • Group quests are no longer available. All group quests have been removed from the platform. We miss them too and hope to bring them back as soon as possible.
  • Quests are no longer available as a reward. Use quest requirements instead.