Scrimmage Release v1.2.0 🎉

Discover our latest updates featuring a user-friendly JSON viewer, enhanced webhook throughput, and improved piece search performance. Explore significant upgrades to your favorite pieces, along with exciting new additions like Poper and Zerobounce. Plus, personalize your quests with custom icons and titles, enjoy extended level descriptions, and experience our new, sleek JSON editor. Dive in to see all the enhancements!

✨ What's New:

Huge Workflows Update

  • No-Code JSON Viewer: Introduced a user-friendly JSON viewer for steps output/input, enhancing accessibility for non-technical users.
  • Connections Filters: Added filters for connections (by name and piece), improving organization and navigation within the platform.
  • Webhook Throughput: Increased webhook throughput through queued worker processing, enhancing performance and reliability.
  • YAML to JSON Reversion: Reverted from YAML to JSON for step output, potentially improving compatibility and readability.
  • Webhook Authentication: Introduced authentication support for webhooks, enhancing security and control over incoming data.
  • YAML Step Output: Enabled the use of YAML instead of JSON for step output, potentially improving readability and ease of use.
  • Piece Search Improvement: Improved speed in piece search by storing metadata locally, enhancing user experience.
  • JavaScript SDK Embed: Introduced the ability to embed connections dialog through the JavaScript SDK, offering more integration options for developers.

🧩 Pieces

  • Significant updates and new features for various pieces, including Google Sheets, Slack, Notion, WhatsApp Business, OpenAI, WordPress, Todoist, GitHub, Mailjet, Google Calendar, and others.
  • Introduced new pieces like Poper, Zerobounce, Segment, Elevenlabs, Straico, ClaudeAI, Lever, Wedof, Quikzu, ActiveCampaign, and more.
  • Addressed bugs and performance issues in existing pieces, enhancing their reliability and functionality.

Icons and Title for Quests

Now, you can make your quests even more personalized with custom icons and titles.

Description of Levels

Have you ever felt that 20 symbols are too few to describe the level? Well, now you can enter up to 20 symbols in the title and 300 in the description. Make your users understand the reward program better by providing long, relevant descriptions of levels.

Fancy JSON Editor

Send events with style. Use our new code editor, which makes reading and editing JSON on the admin panel easier.

🐞 Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved the layout of level requirements
  • Improved the layout of quests
  • Removed gradients from the system
  • Improved handling for long text on the widget
  • Added the ability to view feedback from the Home page