Scrimmage Release v1.1.0 🎉

Discover the latest updates in our Scrimmage Rewards Program! Unveil hidden achievements, streamline your workflow with our new Image Library, and explore significant enhancements in user properties and reward structures. Click to see what's new and how these changes can elevate your experience!

✨ What's New:


Introducing the Scrimmage Rewards Program! Enhance user engagement with Achievements — a simple way to reward users based on their properties and statistics:

  • Earn 100 tokens for referring 10 friends.
  • Gain an additional 50 tokens for completing 50 quests.
  • Achieve a special status for earning 10,000 tokens.

Rewards for achievements are optional. Achievements can function as badges or statuses, providing intrinsic rewards.

Easter Eggs

Achievements can now be hidden until completed, allowing you to create surprise elements within your app.

Revamped Requirements Interface

We've reimagined how requirements for events and users are handled. Enjoy our new requirement editor that supports OR conditions and multiple conditions per property, making customization easier than ever. This editor is now available across various features including Rewards Rules, Quests, Levels, Perks, Achievements, Segments, Redeem Options, and more.

Image Library

Tired of uploading numerous images? Our new Image Library lets you select from existing images or utilize Scrimmage resources to quickly bootstrap your reward program.

Scrimmage UI Toolkit

We're sharing the expertise we've honed in our Scrimmage Widget through the @scrimmage/ui-toolkit library, making API integration more accessible for custom use cases.

Custom Rewards

Now you can create custom rewards in the Users > Properties > Rewards section, complete with custom icons and descriptions integrated with user properties.

Direct Feedback Access

Wondered where user feedback goes? Now, view user feedback directly within the Scrimmage Dashboard.

🐞 Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Global and per-instance initializers for the rewards library.
  • Removed the feedback button from the Quests Widget.
  • Added functionality to enter a date to search for events on the Logs page.
  • Improved search functionality across documentation pages.
  • Added support for Portuguese. Use lang=pt query parameter.

🚨 Breaking Changes

  • User Property Automations: Now ignoring any erroneous expressions. As user properties usage has grown, we've decided to no longer fail all automations when one is incorrect. Instead, broken automations will be ignored.
  • External Currency Rewards: We have removed the ability to reward external currency directly within the program. All existing currency rewards have been converted into token rewards based on your specified currency rate.
  • Currency Rate Adjustments: The global currency rate has been removed. You can now set currency rates directly within the redeem options.
  • User Property API Changes: If you are integrating using our API and utilizing User Properties, you will need to update your code to accommodate changes in the User Property structure.