Scrimmage Release v1.0.0 🎉

Explore our latest Scrimmage updates that make managing rewards and progressions a breeze! Discover the redesigned Dashboard for clarity, enjoy 50+ UI/UX enhancements, and leverage faster re-indexing for levels. Dive into new event types, enhanced quest functionalities, and the flexibility of multi-currency token pricing. Click to learn more about how these changes can enhance your administrative experience!

What's New:

  1. The Dashboard Page became a place of comfort. It gives directions and highlights responsibilities in a way that anyone can understand.
  2. Improved IU/UX with over 50 slight improvements makes every detail perfect
  3. Automatic levels. Now, you can create Ranks-like progression systems with Scrimmage.
  4. Re-indexing for levels and segments became 1000x times faster with as low as 0.5-sec delay!
  5. Embedded documentation search allows Admins to search our readme, API, and guides from the admin panel.
  6. We have two new event types. Scheduled events allow you to create passive rewards and schedule rewards in the future. Property events will enable you to create conditions based on user properties.
  7. Quests can now be rewards. You can give quests as a daily bonus, a level-up reward, or even a quest reward. Create complex quest lines with no stress.
  8. Segmentation for Reward Rules. Now, you can create reward rules that apply to specific users.
  9. The Quest form was redesigned to make it easier. AI suggestions have been improved.
  10. Now, you can specify different token prices for other redeem options. This allows you to support multi-currency.
  11. Now, you can infinitely customize rewards by creating webhooks that trigger your servers when the user receives a reward.
  12. "Datatypes" has been renamed into "Custom Events".